Nyota-5 Aside Hockey Tournament CSR ACTIVITIES

Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the social accountability of a business to itself, the stakeholders and the general public. Stitched by Wash is structured to be conscious of the social, environmental and economic impact they make in the society. Our achievement on CSR is through collaboration with other entities that strive to make a difference in our communities. In regard to this, we took a step further to partner with the Twinkle Hockey Club in creating awareness on the heavy burden of Breast and Prostate Cancer.

This partnership comes at a time when Healthcare towards Chronic conditions is of the essence. As a leading car interior service provider in Kenya we are proud to take up the responsibility to contribute to the strengthening of Sports and Healthcare in our nation. The Cancer awareness campaign was a successful 2 days (7th – 8th October) Hockey Tournament – the Nyota-5 Aside Hockey Tournament organized by Twinkle Hockey Club and hosted by the Parklands Sport Club.

The tournament brought people together regardless of their age demographics for screening and Health advice on Breast and Prostate cancer. SBW was represented by our devoted staff offering moral support, T-shirts and awards to the organizing team and winners of the tournament. 15 participating Hockey clubs (Men and Women) were invited to compete for the winning prize.

Participating TeamLadies Team

  • Twinkle Hockey Club
  • Tessen Sports Warriors -Uganda
  • TPDF Ladies – Tanzania
  • Wazalend Ladies
  • Dutch Flower Group Wolverines
  • Amira Sailors
  • UON Ladies
  • USIU Spartans A
  • USIU Spartans B

Men's Team

  • Parklands Sports Club
  • Parkroad A
  • Parkroad B
  • Western Jaguars A
  • Western Jaguars B
  • USIU Mashujaa A
  • USIU Mashujaa B

Simah emerged as the winner in the men’s category, with Western Jaguars B and Western Jaguars A following behind as first and second runners-up. The women’s category was triumphed by the Amira Sailors, Kenyatta University Titans as the runners-up followed by Blazers Hockey Club as the second runners-up

The winners received various gifts and gift hampers from Miadi, Peptang, House of Manji, Tessen Sports, and Performance Hockey. As SMEs, the Cooperate Society, and a nation at large, we all have a duty to leave a positive footprint in our society. Stitched by Wash is therefore working incessantly towards better living conditions from all fronts.


  • Parklands Sports Club: Venue and Catering The Kenya Ministry of Health
  • The Agha Khan Hospital: Free screening and consultation
  • Luton Hospital: First aid kits, ambulance with emergency medical team
  • The National Olympic Commission of Kenya (NOCK)
  • Real Records Entertainment: Sound and Entertainment
  • ICEA Lion Group

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BREAST AND PROSTATE CANCERA Corporate Social Responsibility


Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide second to cardiovascular diseases, and has surpassed deaths caused by HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB combined. Breast cancer is cancer that occurs in both men and women, however, men only account for 0.5% – 1%. Cancer of the breast has emerged as the leading type of cancer globally. In Kenya, it accounts for 16.1% of all cancers, according to the Kenya Ministry of Health forecasts. The report also indicated a rise in new cases of breast cancer from 5985 in 2018 to 6799 in 2020 and the fatality expected to rise. Prostate cancer adenocarcinoma of the male, is the leading type of cancer in Kenyan men aged 40 and above. Prostate cancer has the highest Age Standardized Rate (ASR) in men accounting for of 49.0 per 100,000 men. Cancer fatality rates are on the rise due to late diagnosis. A recent report by the Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations reveals that 68 % of all breast cancer cases and 70% – 80% of all cancer in Kenya are diagnosed in the advanced stages. This is attributed to differences in risk factors, including environmental and regional differences, lack of awareness, inadequate diagnosis and treatment facilities, and cultural believes among others. While many individuals have strong beliefs about the benefits of cancer screening, this belief is often surpassed by fears or apprehension. Despite the progress, there’s a whole lot of work that needs to be done from different fronts to reduce cancer fatalities.



It is our responsibility as a nation to be in the fore front in the battle against Cancer. As a leading car interior service provider in Kenya, Stitched by Wash took the initiative to be part of a 2-days Breast and Prostate Cancer awareness campaign in Nairobi on the 7th – 8th October, 2023. The campaign was done through Nyota-5 Aside Hockey Tournament, a Hockey Tournament meant to bring people together for sensitization and screening for Breast and Prostate Cancer. The event was organized by Twinkle Hockey Club at the Parklands Sporting Club. 15 participating Hockey clubs (Men and Women) were invited to compete for the winning price. In attendance was SBW staff offering moral support and T-shirts to the organizing team. Other partners offering their support were as follows:


  • Parklands Sports Club offering the tournament venue, kids bouncing castle for entertainment and catering services.
  • The Kenya Ministry of Health who brought Cancer Champions and professional Health advisors to give Health talks about Breast and Prostate Cancer.
  • The Agha Khan Hospital – provided free screening and professional advice on Breast and Prostate cancer.
  • Luton Hospital offering Ambulance, emergency medical team and sport first aid kits.
  • Trophies from Dime
  • The National Olympic Commission of Kenya offering exclusive technical official tops and banner printing towards the tournament.
  • Beauty Pageants from Miss Pink Ribbon Kenya to usher in the event.
  • Entertainment from Real Records Entertainment.
  • Gift hampers for technical officials and top three winning teams from Miadi.
  • Squashes and syrup executive gift hampers from Peptang.
  • Gift Hampers from the House of Manji.
  • The Samurai – Tessen Sports providing the best Kevlar Mid Bow Tekken X50 to most promising players in the tournament.
  • ICEA Lion Group.



Cancer is non-communicable disease infiltrating our nation and homes, it does not have boundaries in regards to age demography or income level. It is causing an endless Emotional and Financial distress to families yet we have the capability to recuperate from this affliction. In order to be a step ahead, reinforcement of the Cancer Strategy and Guidelines in the prevention and management of Breast and Prostate cancer is required. More sensitization on Cancer awareness is of a vital need not only to the cancer affecting adults but also on Childhood cancer. A report from Globocan estimates 3,000 new cases of childhood cancer diagnosed in Kenya, an underestimate due to inadequate reporting on cancer statistics.

Development of comprehensive and integrated Health information systems is of the essence. This will enable end to end visibility and dissemination of information on cancer enhancing awareness to all. For easy access to Cancer screening and treatment, expansion and decentralization of cancer treatment facilities especially to the rural and marginalized areas need to be implemented. We all have a responsibility in the fight against cancer, SBW is therefore calling on the Cooperate society, the National government and the Society at large to take part in more Cancer awareness campaigns. This comes a time when reforms in the Health sector are in place to focus on Preventive Healthcare through the Universal Health Coverage. We need efficient and continuous management of chronic conditions and timely interventions for all. Let us break the persistent barriers towards a more equitable, affordable and quality Healthcare Systems.