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CAR SEAT COVERSHigh Quality Custom-made Tight Fitting Seat Covers

We do complete car seats makeover. We reconstruct worn-out, old, less fashionable or less comfortable seats and deliver a great design, which bring your imagination alive. We create bucket style seats, cushioned to create comfort with quality foam materials, high quality polyester, fine micro-fibre fillings, and stuffing.

We use a wide range of durable high quality cover materials, ranging from pure natural grade 1 leather to synthetic leather, alcantara material, super suede, high quality refine and fabric for maximum comfort and durability.

We make your car seat covers in such a way that they look fresh and original. By looking at the seat covers on the seats, someone might think that they are actually the car seats themselves (not seat covers). We pride in ensuring that your car’s interior is comfortable and looking good. The best car seat covers can help you define your look and keep your ride comfortable and classy. We help you choose the best and the most affordable seat covers for your car suiting your taste.

We are aware that seat covers in Kenya are uniquely and beautifully designed to fit all types of cars. We custom-make designs for all models of cars. Velvet fabric material is among the most preferred for seat covers in Kenya as they comprise of soft fabric, double stitch, PVC leather material, and double stitch thick foam.

We assist you add style and protection to your original car seats without interfering with your car seats to make them stay neat, clean and protected over the years of use. Our approach of tight-fitting covers helps guard your seats from tear, stains, spills, fading, and in most cases give you an easy washable seat cover solution that does not need high maintenance.  All this is achieved with the flexibility to add style, design and even vary your car interior theme.

We customize seat covers for all types of cars ranging from salon cars, SUVs, to commercial vehicles that experience high wear and tear activities. Depending on designs, materials, type of car seats, and the extent of work, we deliver seat covers on a record time.

The car seats makeover is by far the best quality for your car. The smell of a new car is almost worth the purchase price alone. The opposite is unfortunately also true, nobody wants to spend time in a vehicle where the seats are in tatters, the sagging headliner touches your scalp and the steering-wheel leather is cracked. But you can have all your seats reconstructed for less than you might think of spending on car seat makeovers.”

~ Satisfied Client

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We only source the best of leathers for your car, for absolute durability, superior comfort and affordability.


Our dedication to delivering the highest standard of quality and workmanship is reflected in our upholstery & interior repair services.

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We have the expertise and experience to accomplish any leather upholstery works for cars, trucks and motorcycle seats.