Floor Carpeting & Mats


Whether the flooring work is intended to add style to your car interior or to help keep the car interior clean and easy to wash, we have the best choices of materials for this. We have custom-made floor works to general PVC covers that are intended to keep both dust and mud at bay, which are odorless and hazard-free.

Frequently used and off-road cars need suitable flooring to keep with the heavy usage while still being maintained clean and attractive. This keeps the aesthetic value of the car upscale and if it is beauty you want to add, then we provide variety of designs and fit perfectly.

We also help restore the original wooly and fluffy carpets typical to most car manufacturers’ designs due to wear and tear, so – yes if your car carpet has seen some length of life, you can restore it with us!

We have a wide range of choices, limitless thoughts and creativity when it comes to car flooring and carpeting works. The selection is custom-guided and keenly selected to achieve your dream ride.

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We only source the best of leathers for your car, for absolute durability, superior comfort and affordability.


Our dedication to delivering the highest standard of quality and workmanship is reflected in our upholstery & interior repair services.

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We have the expertise and experience to accomplish any leather upholstery works for cars, trucks and motorcycle seats.