Sound Deadening

CAR SOUND DEADENING & INSULATIONEnjoy a Quieter Ride, because you can!

Car Sound Deadening

Whether you drive an older car, passionate about your car audio, or just want to find a way to make your evening commute more peaceful, there’s dozens of reasons you may want to make your car quieter.

Why Use Car Soundproofing?

Almost all cars, especially older vehicles, have problems with noise. These issues are made even worse if you have upgraded your sound system in any way. The key to keeping your car quiet isn’t just blocking outside noise, but reducing the noise made by your car. Vibrations, rattling, loose parts – all of these things contribute to unwanted noise.

What’s Causing that Unwanted Noise?
1. Airborne Noise

Sitting in traffic never feels as solitary as it should. Construction noises, honking, sirens and other road noises find their way into your vehicle. And once you start moving you have to deal with uneven pavement, potholes, and debris kicking up into the bottom of your car. All of these sound waves travel through the air, penetrate the exterior of your vehicle, and make their way into the car cabin.

2. Structural Noise

It’s easy to forget how many moving parts there are propelling your car forward. All of those parts are generating vibrations and making noise, the engine, the tires, and that dreaded exhaust noise. The vibration energy experienced by your metal panels re-radiates into the car cabin. Stronger vibrations mean stronger sound waves and more noise. Other cause of noise include loose panels or screws that rattle, shake, and reverberate throughout your cabin.

At Stitched by Wash, we pay special attention to all possible causes of noise in your car. We determine all the problem areas and come up with the best sound deadening solution to realize a more quieter ride.