Celebrating Women in the Automotive Industry

Celebrating Women in the Automotive Industry

Stitched By Wash


As we celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day with the theme of honoring the achievements of women across the globe, let’s shift gears and zoom into a sector that’s traditionally been dominated by men: the automotive industry. Let’s rev up the engines to spotlight the indomitable spirit of women in Kenya’s automotive scene.

Navigating through the winding roads of the automotive sector, we find that the journey for women has been less about cruising on smooth highways and more about overcoming speed bumps.

Women Challenging Stereotypes in the Automotive Industry

Despite the industry’s reputation for being a male stronghold, women have been making significant inroads, albeit facing challenges such as workplace perceptions, work-life balance, and advancement opportunities. Yet, the promise of competitive remuneration and engaging assignments draws them toward this high- octane field, showcasing their resilience and determination to steer towards success.

Amidst this backdrop, women in Kenya are not just passengers but are increasingly becoming drivers and mechanics, challenging stereotypes, and shifting gears in the automotive world. Take, for instance, the Throttle Queens, an all-women biker club in Nairobi, who embodies freedom, adventure, and the empowerment that comes with mastering the machine. This group of fierce and fearless women on two wheels is breaking barriers and building a sense of community and camaraderie, proving that the automotive industry isn’t just about the cars and bikes—it’s about the people who make them come alive.

Creating Opportunities for Young Women

At Stitched by Wash we strive to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion among women and men in the automotive industry. We have put in place strategic plans that aim to better understand where opportunities for improvement may exist when it comes to bridging the gender gap and creating greater diversity in the automotive industry.

In support of this, we offer training opportunities for young girls and women to acquire skills in Car Upholstery Services. The training courses comprise of Fitting and Stitching of different parts of car and Aeroplane interior upholstery (Seat Covers, Steering wheel covers, Dashboard, Door Panels, Floor Marts Stitching, and Furniture upholstery stitching). We present them with certifications and job prospects in the company as they nourish their skills.

The goal of this Training program is to Empower young girls and women equipping them with hands-on skills to compete fairly in the automotive industry. This also creates a strong base for Financial Empowerment of women to support themselves and their families leading to the growth of the industry. We take pride in the industries and resilient women in our team who make up 65% of the entire workforce.

Above: ANN ALINDA(Left) and LAVENDER ATIENO (Right) Trainees showcasing Seat Neck Pillows after Successful training.

A young talented lady who goes out of her to improve on her Stitching skills. Patricia Atayi specializes in Steering Wheel and gear knob cover stitching by hand. She also gives training lessons to the upcoming trainees. No challenge is beyond resolve for this young talent.

Above: Patricia Atayi steering wheel cover stitching graduate

Without our women’s administrative team, the office environment would be a boring space. Our reliable and very able administrator Redemtah Ndunge always strives to keep everything in order. She also helps with customer engagement and photography. Our Customer Relations is in high regard because of the lovely and friendly Joy Otieno, the youngest in the team. She embodies the friendly and family culture, a vital pillar of our core structure. Receiving valuable experience while still studying Education at Kenyatta University

Above: Redemtah Ndunge (Administrator), and Joy Otieno (Customer Relations).

Patricia Achieng has defied the odds of this men’s world. As one of our most experienced Stitching technicians, she has gained experience growing together with the company. She has gone a step further by venturing in Aeroplane Interior Upholstery stitching passing down her experience to other women in the team.

Above: Patricia Achieng (Stitching Technician.


So, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s not forget the trailblazing women of the Kenyan automotive industry. From those engineering the future of mobility to the ones hitting the road with their biker gangs, each woman’s journey contributes to a richer, more diverse automotive narrative. Here’s to the women who are not just driving cars but driving change, fueling progress with their passion, and inspiring the next generation of women to dream big and accelerate towards their goals.

In essence, the road ahead is long, and there may still be hurdles to overcome, but with each woman who takes the wheel, we move closer to a destination where equality isn’t just a goal but a reality. Let’s celebrate these achievements and continue to support the journey of women in the automotive industry and beyond. Happy International Women’s Day!