Leather Restoration Manual: Discovering Your Leather

Leather Restoration Manual: Discovering Your Leather

Stitched By Wash

To choose the best Leather Restoration process and products, it is paramount to first understand the type of your leather its strengths and limits. Leather is a byproduct of animal hide with closely packed fibers giving it robust and flexible features able to withstand tension. The crafting of leather into different products has been in existence before pre-historical times and has become a symbol of luxury over time. Leather has revolutionized our way of life becoming part of us right from the closets, home furniture, and offices to the interior of our luxurious automobiles. Just like normal skin, leather is susceptible to drying, discoloration, and cracking. This is why leather has to be nourished and maintained for us to get a satisfying feeling from it.

Leather is a unique material with various uses in many areas. Terminologies used in leather production and identification are often interchangeable which often causes confusion. The best way to identify your leather is through the feeling of touch. Leather is often used in car upholstery to give your car an elegant look and comfort to you and your passengers. It can be found in different parts of your car from the steering wheel, dashboard, seat covers, armrests, head restraints, roof linings, and even in the truck.

All leather materials are subject to wear and tear with time, fading away the glory of your automobile. Thus, we must always protect our leather upholstery by continuously maintaining its nature before it reaches an irreversible shape. When choosing car upholstery leather, you must consider the leather’s durability, appearance, car type, price, and the usage of the car. Stitched by Wash will help you choose the best leather for your car and take you through the important restoration process. Contact us for more advice and tips on leather types and restoration.

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